Your Perfect Partner may already be around you

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Look around. Your best friend can be the best candidate as your life long partner!

Romantic Maria ( original name of this client is not revealed for privacy reason ) came to me looking for her other half. She was a bubbly, feminine, beautiful lady at her early 50s. She had a happy marriage until one day she found her husband had been in an affair for over a year. She divorced and waited 7 years before she decided to find love again.

She met a dozen of men from our service, including some very like minded guys who share her Mediterranean passion and food! I took her personally to the dance venues where most European people go, so she could meet men in her calibre. One year passed and she was dating a man whom she liked. The relationship went for 6 months. Then one day she came to tell me she would like to stop meeting him as she felt not quite right.

A couple of months later, she informed me that she was in a very happy relationship. He was a man whom she had known for years. She said they had been nothing but friends with each other. After meeting and dating all those men from our service and other places, she suddenly felt there was a cosy connection with this man who was always around. He came from same cultural background. He knew her family and her ex husband. He understood where she came from and had been supportive and ready to help when she needed him.

She said she never realised before that this man was a perfect man for her!

Maria’s story is common. I have met people often, who had same experience.

A person who is your friend can be the best candidate as your life long partner. As we understand, friendship is the most reliable foundation for a compatible relationship. People tend to overlook the potential from a cosy friend in considering a long term partner. Simple reason is that we want to ” fall in love ” with someone who makes our heart beat fast. This is what everyone is consciously seeking in today’s dating scene especially dating after divorce. Most people won’t meet again unless there is sort of ” heart thumping” at initial meeting.

However, if we recall when young people fall in love in school or university, where you meet each other everyday with or without sense of dating. Everything happens naturally and gradually while you get to know each other inevitably. “Heart thumping” doesn’t come overnight, but when it happens, it is with someone whom you already know and feel comfortable. And if this pattern happens to you as a mature adult, there is more potential to believe you have established a foundation for your relationship. A friend has become a lover. You can be more confident that you have met your perfect partner.

Maria did not have the heart thumping feeling with her current partner while she was married and years after she divorced. He was an existing friend. However because her friendship with him continued while she was focusing on looking for a partner elsewhere, she was able to know him naturally without pressure to judge him as a lover. Finally she was able to feel a ” thumping ” with him which was more in depth, based on a long term of understanding, knowing and caring for each other.

If you are busy looking to fall in love with someone new, you may want to take a break and look around in the circle near you. You may see someone who is actually potential to know. Open your heart, smell roses and feel.

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