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Why widowed people are most successful in dating and finding a partner

Through my 20 years of matchmaking experience, I have found that most widowed people spend much less time to find a partner compared with most divorced people.  They tend to be the easiest clients and they require my least effort.  I summarized a few reasons for this:

  • Widowed people are mostly mature, know what they want.  They have made a decision in the past to enter a lifelong relationship. In other words they have proven ability to commit.
  • They are used to living with another person, especially those who have long term marriages. Apart from passions of love, they have learnt to adapt with another person in daily life, to give and take, to accept differences of each other.  They have been trained to understand the secrets of a lasting relationship.
  • They are more likely to have positive views towards marriage and relationships, because  they are lucky to have not gone through hassles of divorce.  Their experience of relationship points to happiness.  They are motivated by the memory of a loving companion. They have less chance to have fear once they are seeking again whilst divorced people more or less carry some baggage. With Australian divorce rate comes to over 50%, widowed people are role models when it comes to relationships.

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