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Use A Professional Matchmaking Service To Enhance Your Online Dating Result

Your Perfect Partner is an established personal dating agency since 1980. We have helped thousands of couples set up marriages and long-term relationships. Apart from our one-to-one matchmaking service, we also offer personal assistance if you are meeting people through online dating apps.

Dating in the old days was natural and simple. Dating today for many people becomes a difficult task. It requires no less effort than completing a PHD degree. If you are over 35, prefer not to be. Haven’t tried a personalized matchmaking service, here is another door to your next stage of life.

Why Use Our Online Dating Consultancy and How Do We Work For You

  • Have you been trying hard to meet someone online and have poor result?
  • Have you been meeting loads of people, spending your valuable time and emotional energy, only to find nobody is right? Do you know the couples who met at our service only need to meet a few candidates before entering a stable long term relationship?
  • Are you new to dating, not sure what the best way is for your searching? Our clients build up confidence in dating quickly after finishing 20 to 40 years relationship.
  • You are too busy to invest time on kissing many frogs before landing on your princes/prince. Our clients continue their life routine and leave the hard work on our service.

If either above describes your situation, our service is right for you. We will help you improve your online dating performance by 100%

At our service,  you can choose to meet our members or continue your online dating with the assistance of a professional matchmaker.

Start Intelligent Dating Now

  • We will provide you with personalized dating tips.  Many problems with unsuccessful online dating are actually related to dating in general. In other words, apart from online dating techniques, you will be given practical information that is essential in successful dating.
  • The know-how online dating tips you will receive are from a professional matchmaking service with over 40 years’ expertise. You will quickly familiarize today Sydney’s singles market. You will be given overall and specific information according to your personal circumstances, for example, who do you look for and what kind of relationship suits you at this point of time.
  • You may spend a few years and lots of hard work to reach your goal. And with our service, it can be simple and fun. Because you will be standing on the shoulder of a giant by borrowing the knowledge of a professional matchmaking service.

Call Rose now to arrange a meeting: 0433 312514 (anytime); Or email:


Many people have a bad experience with online dating. The reasons vary. These are a few common mistakes:

  • Poorly written profiles which serve like an ugly outfit, just to turn off her/ his romantic imagination of getting close to you. How do we tell whether a profile is good or not? The key is whether it attracts desired candidates. We will write you a profile which grabs the attention of your potential “perfect partner”.
  • Pursue unsuited candidates. It is highly difficult to judge among the ocean of online profiles and find out who are what you look for and who are looking for you. If you do not have enough life experience as a good judge of character, or like a good matchmaker, your effort and time can end up endless and fruitless.
  • Fail to have correct assessment on your dates. You may either continue chasing someone who is not there for you or unsuitable for you; You may, due to communication barrier in the early ice-breaking period, or other issues, fail to pursue someone who has a lot in common with you and is just right for you. ( this happen to most people )
  • Fail to have a realistic view on yourself, your boundary and capacity as a potential partner.
  • After some unsuccessful dating experiences, you are worn out and lost enthusiasm. Then your energy will no longer be attractive.
  • The list goes on……

If you feel these are too much to think about. You just want to meet someone in the simplest way.  We can take care of your needs and fix up all the above. Just come along to see Rose. Arrange a meeting now: 0433 312514; 02 92614266 or

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