28yo Web developer ( Code: 30363 )

Australian born Asian, warm, enthusiastic, mentally switched on, thoughtful, thirsty in learning about life and growth; has emotional depth; active, open minded, positive, loyal, caring, romantic, playful, well mannered; communicative, confident, outgoing, laid back and generous; lives an balanced life and hard working.

32yo Aust Chinese health professional

As soft as breeze, as pure as water, she looks fresh and serene. Raised in Australia, she is a blend of eastern and western cultures. Underneath her gentle petite appearance, is a vibrant, determined mind; Independent and adventurous, she has tried lots of things in life; well learned, explored spiritually and mentally, she is a deep thinker, comfortable in her own skin; she values integrity and monogamy, would love to have a totally one-on-one committed relationship with a man who is mature and focused.

29yo Finance professional adventurous ( code: 31200 )

Raised in Vietnam, educated in Sydney, highly intelligent and independent; has an established career, driven and open minded and adventurous; a quick learner, easy to talk with; pragmatic, well planned for life; caring, romantic and generous, ready to meet a compatible partner and build a happy relationship and family. Likes going to beach, fishing, dining, theatre, meditation, yoga, bushwalking, trave.

32yo Aussie Chinese business man, writer and public speaker ( code: 31232 )

Self-employed property business man, 6’2” well-mannered, very mature and intelligent; self motivated, positive, spiritual and generous, understanding, communicative and articulate; an independent thinker, well read, self content and can be a little quiet; loyal, caring, responsible and family oriented; likes writing, reading, fitness, gym, music, movies, fishing, football and outdoors. Has a busy life schedule but would like to meet a compatible girl and develop a happy relationship.

37yo IT professional ( Code: 31039 )

Chinese background; Intelligent, creative, honest, very sincere and friendly, calm, patient, laid back and understanding, responsible, family oriented, believes in traditional values, ready to settle down and have a family.

37yo Italian girl free spirited ( code: 20105 )

Tall, slim, very bubbly, brought up in southern Italy, came to Aust 16 years ago, she is well adapted to Australian culture; passionate, romantic, warm and friendly, adventurous, free spirited; loyal and playful, lives an active life, self reliant and independent; loves outdoors, nature, travelling, healthy life style; Sydney inner west.

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