Hello Rose


Long time no speak as they say 😊 Just a quick one to tell you Marilou and myself are still happily married, and have recently moved up to Kempsey to be closer to Marilou's sister's family, as we no longer had family near Sydney. We have had a Son named Gerard (now 3 and a half), and I enclose a picture of the family...


Hi Rose,

It has almost been 3 months now since we started dating.We have fallen so madly in love with each other. Things are going very well. We are so well suited to each other.


Cindy. xxx

Hi Rose,

So lovely to hear from you!! Hope you are well.

You wouldn't believe it, I was thinking of you this morning and crossed my mind to give you a call soon!

All is great with us - we have just bought our new home together and are very happy. It is unbelievable how well suited we are together. It is so easy being in our relationship. Greg is truly one of a kind. We work so well together.

Lots of Love

Melanie and Greg


Most of us carry issues more or less from past relationships or life experience. These can become obstacles in building a new potential relationship. In our service, thanks to many intelligent clients who gave me trust and faith, I have been able to assist them to resolve some of those issues by communicating openly and passing on other people’s wisdom and tips. Below are some emails from Andy and Joy who got married through our service:

Hi Rose

Hope you are well. Thought I’d update you. Joy and I have seen each other the last 3 nights as well as being together all last sun. Joy cooked for me on sun nite and it was great. I am enjoying Joy immensely and getting to know her. As per your suggestion, I threw caution to the wind and opened my heart to Joy and it has worked a treat. Thank you for your wisdom. Joy has also opened her heart to me as well. We are getting closer and closer.

So thank you Rose, it is going swimmingly with Joy! And Joy is so amazing. Not going too fast but just right speed I believe for somebody after a loss.

……… Joy and I probably talk about how great you are nearly every time we are together, and we thank and toast you for bringing us together ……………..

It’s going really well with Joy. We are very simpatico or in “synchronicity” as she calls it. And moving ahead in a nice steady way. I feel so appreciative I have met Joy. Thank you. I will send her your best wishes when I see her again tonight.


Hi Rose,

We are looking in moving into an apartment together in the new year. Thanks for introducing us. Can’t believe it has been almost 3 years since Annette and I first met. We certainly had our ups and downs through it all. Thanks again Rose for being our Cupid

William in December 22nd 2018

Hello Rose.

Something extra is needed by way of thankyou when I think of all the time and energy you gave so willingly to me Tuesday of last week. I will always remember that.

Here's a little bit of verse I wrote


David S.

Thank You

Two simple words with so much to say My mind wishes to linger and stay When I reflect with sincere gratitude On how generous is your attitude.

You gladly went that extra mile Your actions graced with a winning smile From within I know you care Only too eager your soul to share.

How easily those words can be said For sometimes an obligation needs to be shed Half hearted they can be tossed around Empty and hollow they can often sound.

But for you no such meaning would apply Your abundance makes one almost feel shy! Gracious and special was the time we spent So for this reason this email is sent!

Hi Rose,

I would be honored if you would use some of my feelings for Jenny in your publication.

We had a lovely time and I must say Jenny is very special to me the more we have time together the more it becomes a sense of real completeness and beauty.

Strange I have not been this way with a lady for many years and truly hope it continues.

We have no secrets and speak openly about all things the way it should be in a relationship and I must thank you for being the catalyst to have started this sojourn. Two people having found each other in a sense made in heaven yet waiting so long to find each other.


We had another great weekend together and grow closer to each other after each day together…………….

The only pain we experience is when we have say bye and part for a day or two although better things follow in the passage of time.

I have been taken to a higher level of being with Jenny and together make such magic through which we both see life in a different light which radiates in each other presence glowing brighter than any star in the sky.

I hope this continues and we can find a new meaningful life together at least that is my desire and goal in life.

I will try to pop in a say hi to you before the week is out,

Regards, Rodney

Some clients, even though did not walk out with a permanent partner, found it helpful by using our service. The following email is from a 27yo girl who dated a guy introduced by me and broke up a year later due to objections from his family. She came to catch up with me after breaking up:

Hey Rose, I very much enjoyed talking to you today, I feel that we see eye to eye on many issues and have a common interest in understanding different cultures. Also, I like to tell you that you have really helped me very much in my understanding of people and relationships because you have some deep insights about them.

I know that a lot of people feel very thankful to you because you have helped them find a partner, but i feel that this is unimportant compared to the insights you have given me by talking about people and relationships in a way that most people would not be capable of.

I am not sure if you consider yourself to be spiritual but i consider you as a person who is quite strong spiritually. I dont mean in a superficial or religious way, but in the way of a person who is able to see through the material fabric of the world to understand and work with the sublime/spiritual within. In this materialistically focused world this is quite unusual.

I am not able to explain myself very well but i hope yo know what i mean and I am just telling you this because i hope you realise what a great job you are doing. I am sorry for saying these things to you by email but it is likely that we will not get a chance to talk for quite a while and i have wanted to tell you these things since the first time we talked but didn't know how.

Dear Rose,

You are truly a beautiful person and most of all wonderful friend for life. You have brought happiness to both of us, without you we would never have met. We are both so glad that we could share our marriage with you on our special day, you are truly our knight in shining armor. Thank you once again.

Love, always Matthew and Phoebe

In our service, we provide ongoing support and assistance ti clients when they need it. Lily is the first person I introduced to Mark. They are happily married now. Below are some emails from both Mark and Lily during their dating:

Dear Rose

I need some help and advice from you.

Lily and I went out for dinner on Wednesday night and Saturday we went to the Art Gallery, then for lunch, then to the movies, then for dinner. We are going out for dinner again next Thursday but I miss her already. Next Sunday we will go for a long drive down the south coast.

I think she is an extremely wonderful, kind, caring and gentle person. I am very keen for her to learn all about me – all the good things and if there are any bad things for her to learn those as well so she can decide if she really does like the real me.

I meet many people through my job and I have some very good friends but I had not met anyone I wanted to care for and be with like Lily. When I came to you Rose I thought you would have to introduce me to many people before I found someone that I wanted to see more than once. But Lily is very special.

I just don't know how quickly and strongly I should make my feelings known to her. Should I be very patient and just wait for her or should I tell her how much I care for her straight away?

Kind regards, Mark


This is a note from Lily:

Dear Rose,

I have been going well with Mark in the last few weeks. I did not know what kind of man I really want until I met Mark.

Thank you so much for the introduction.


Dear Rose

Actually I have been thinking of you all the time. I am very grateful for what you have helped me. I am much happier now than when I went to see you (about a year ago).

Yes Mark and I have been going well. And recently we have made a big decision to get engaged. We do not have any kind of ceremony, because Mark's children are going to get married soon, we do not want to overdo ours.

Dear Rose, as you know in a new relationship there has been some ups and downs that's why many times I intended to call you but thought I'd better wait for the situation getting clear.

It is a totally new life experience for me in terms of being so close with a real Aussie, even though I have lived here for 18 years. I will keep you informed. Again thank you thank you thank you.

best regards


Dear Rose:

Thanks a lot for the Saturday night party .Very well organized, food was delicious the quality of people excellent everything was A1

You are and excellent Social Event Manager and Organizer.

Thanks a lot and hope to be in contact with you.

Have a great ,joyful and productive week



Hi Rose,

We are going very well and love each other very much! Thanks for you! We were talking about that we will get back to you when it is a right time arrives.…………………….

Indeed it's been a long time, Michael and i talk about you sometimes and we would like to catch up with you have nice lunch/Dinner. We are going very well and have moved together last March, we have just set the date ( 29th Oct ) for the wedding, you are on the VIP list of course.

Dear Rose,

I am in Shanghai right now. I visited Brian this April and we got engaged there. Brian is in America right now. We plan to get married early next year.

Brian and I do appreciate that you bring us together.

Definitely we will visit you once we have chance to go back to Sydney.

If you have chance to be in China or America, please give us a call.

Thank you very much


Hi Rose,

I'd like to let you know that Bill and I have just been engaged. Thank you so much for your support. We are very happy now.

Kind regards,


Dear Rose,

thank you so so much for introducing me to NOI.

I feel more love for her every day.

By telling me to see beyond mere physical beauty, you have opened me up to a whole new world of love and happiness.

You are truly a Master of your profession!

With lots of love


Dear Rose,

We would like to let you know that we got married on first of March in Withsundays.

Also we would like to thank you for making that possible.

Best regards,

Jelena and Steve

Hi Rose,

Yes - Rona and I are still together and we are happily sharing our lives together thanks to you !

We celebrated our one year anniversary on 15 September.

We have been sharing an apartment since April and we are going on holiday together in December. I have met her children and it looks like this is a long term relationship.



Hi Rose

it was very nice visiting you again with Steve, thanks again for all the helps, we are married for two months now, and we are getting closer and closer everyday:)

many thanks for your helps, without you, I was still single and depressed and feeling miserable, you have truly saved my life, and bring me hope and joy to life, please accept my appreciation, and I will always be grateful for your helps to me, i will always remember in my heart ……


Dear Rose

Hope you are well!

Just wanted to keep you updated with our relationship as it has blossomed into something amazing, we are almost coming up the one year mark and we have never been happier or more in love with each over.

Paul & I moved in together in December 2007 and we are talking about getting married and starting a family next year - thanks to you ....

Rose I just wanted to ask whether you recall the date Paul & I were introduced as I wanted to surprise Paul with taking him away somewhere special for our anniversary.

Keep in touch



I would like to thank you for introducing me to the love of my life,we are just a PERFECT match... Sami

Hi Rose,

Everyone appreciates your advice...you are the 'guru of matchmaking', no doubt about it! You are filling a very important need in our society. Well done, Rose!

Best wishes,


Hello Rose,

Please share our story. We both remember what it is like looking and would like to encourage people not to give up.

You can tell them I didn't have a girlfriend for 12 years before meeting "Mary".

Michael &Mary.

Dear Rose,

I have some great news to announce. Before you get too excited: no, I'm not getting married just yet !

On the other hand, I've accepted a new job, which is a position as a lecturer at the University of Sheffield in the UK. My girlfriend, who's been with me for a while now, is moving to the UK with me. So I think you can safely cross me off your list and on my behalf I say a big 'Thank you' for your services over the years. You've been really wonderful and you do set yourself apart from the competition through your discretion and personalized service.

On another note, I would like to recommend a friend in Sydney who would make a good addition to your service. ……

Thanks again, Rose !

All the best to you,



Hello Rose....Update on our progress.This is May and our two children Joshua and Jessica...I hope you are doing well and thank you..

( Peter and May married in 2004 through our service. )

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