“Online dating has been a huge part of my life, and now I’m burnt out”

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Above link is from Sydney Morning Herald 3rd of January 2017. Its a story of an online dating addict. You can see what are related to online dating: casual encounters and sex, multiple going-no-where dates…. Online dating did not help to get her emotional securities back. It took her three years to realize that. I am sure from now on she will need a few more years to shake off the toxins she accumulated in past three year’s online dating experience.

Online dating for most people, is likely to create additions for casual encounters and disposable sexual activities. While in building a happy relationship, the true precipice is:

” Less dating, more mating. More is less, less is more “. Statistics show that the best relationship tends fall on people who have least partners in their lives.

If you are busy working, have no time to waste on looking for multiple partners or dating wrong people; or if you realize that they finally would like to be with one person for the rest of their lives, our service offers advanced matchmaking service to help you date less and date the right person.

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