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YPP is a personalized matchmaking service. We endeavour to connect our clients with most suitable candidates. To ensure the accuracy of the matches, we collect, store and process personal data given by our clients / past clients / potential clients( here under known as clients ). We use this data to search for and match them with a potential partner according to your requirements:

  • Name, location, address, email, mobile
  • Client personal information: gender, age, residential address, height, hobbies, religion, ethnic background, personalities, life style, etc
  • Clients photo
  • Clients’ preferences of a potential partner.
  • Other relevant data

How do we use your details during matchmaking process 

Your personal information such as surname, date of birth, body weight, and residential address, certain specific personal information / comments are kept confidential from the people we match you with. 

We do not upload clients profile online except for featured members whose brief descriptions can be placed onto our website page as a personal advertisement to invite compatible candidates. These descriptions are totally anonymous, do not reveal their personal details and are not identifiable of the clients as an individual. We do not upload any photos.

Clients may request the deletion of your personal data at any time by contacting your personal matchmaker.

Clients do not have the right to other people’s personal data, or data that has been produced about them through either meeting with or analysis by the matchmaker or personal feedback from other clients they have been matched with.

We understand and comply with individual’s rights

YPP Clients have the following rights:

  • Clients have the right to request access to their data ( by email or coming to office )
  • Clients have the right to have inaccurate personal details rectified
  • Clients have the right to have their details or requirements modified anytime. 
  • Clients have the right to request the restriction or suppression of their personal details including photos.

Clients details are gathered from clients by YPP matchmakers and continually updated using client reviews and match feedback by phone, face to face, email, in writing or other medium.

Client details will be used:

  • During the client matching process
  • To keep records as required of clients
  • To comply with the Law and/or our Matchmaking Regulator’s requirements
  • To verify client identity by searching publicly available records
  • For our legitimate business purposes of internal business research and analysis

Your personal details we collected will be kept as long as we know your availability. YPP has rights to remove your details after your contract is finished or if you become not contactable for more than two years. However clients have rights to request to stay on YPP list indefinitely to meet potential candidates while they remain single or temporarily dating someone even after the contract is finished. 

As a highly personalized service, at YPP, all our clients information are kept confidential, only your personal matchmaker has access to your personal details. 

YPP will never sell, share or pass any of your personal details to a third party except when required by law, legal proceedings, or for purpose of protecting your safety.  

How and when we contact clients

YPP in contract clients

  • YPP will be in contact by phone, text, email,  with in-contract clients for matchmaking.
  • Your personal matchmaker will in contact by phone, text, email, with in-contact clients for discussion of your dating progress for the purpose of providing personalized dating consultation. However, the level of this communication is entirely up to your individual preference. 

YPP out of contract or potential clients

  • From time to time, YPP will be in contact by phone, text or email
  • YPP may be in contact if there is a potential suitable match for them or to ask if they wish to be matched as a passive member without renewing or starting a contract at their personal choice; to check on the progress of a relationship or to check whether they would like to remain on the YPP database.

Changes to the Privacy Notice

YPPs Privacy Notice may be updated from time to time. YPP will not reduce your rights under this Privacy Notice without your explicit consent.

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