Are you single over 35, actively seeking a partner for over one year or more and getting frustrated? Would like to try intelligent dating?

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If you have been single and seriously looking for someone for more than a year, it is time now to visit our service and have some discussion.

Busy life that distracted you from connecting with that person who is actually looking for you

Australia has a strong singles culture, but it is also apparent that many singles are deep down lonely and longing for a special person in their lives. The truth seems to be that while there is no shortage of single people around us, finding that special someone who will click with you seem to be a much harder task without help. Unfortunately, this is one of the sad realities of busy and distracted modern life.

Maybe you will say: I have no problem to meet people, but the issue is to meet someone I like.

I would like to interpreter it further: to meet someone I like who also likes me – that’s the real challenge!

At my 21 years’ matchmaking practice, I have met people who are single for many years and seeking for many years. I also met singles who started seeking and found their life partner within three to six months.

Why it’s easy for some people and hard for others? I would tell you it is not just luck. The reasons are all within. If you do not want to leave it to luck, I can give you a hand and discuss about how to achieve or modify your goal for your happiness.

Step one:
Understand yourself – through the way how people find you
This is essential if you want someone you like to click with you. You need to build yourself into an attractive person to their standards.

At our service, we shall show you a way to present yourself as an attractive person according to the standards of your preferred partner.

Step two:
Understand your preferred partner. What they look for and what they dislike. In other words: Are they also looking for you?

Step three:
How can you identify what kind of person can be your potential partner whether for a long term or just a romantic relationship.

With the divorce rate comes to 50% in Sydney, you would like to take more caution before getting involved in a long term commitment.

I will show you how to choose a right partner who will stay with you for life.
I will discuss with you if you would like to find a pair of shoes that makes you feel comfortable while walking.

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