Not Finding Your Match? Don’t Give Up Just Yet

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Are you from a time when you were told to focus on your studies as a college student, and that you will find a great match once you get a decent job? Were you in a serious relationship with a partner during your college years who you thought you would marry one day but eventually broke up? And now you are earning a hefty package but surprise surprise! (well an unpleasant one), you are not finding anybody that you can decide to settle down with. If you can relate to the above scenario, you are not alone here. 

The answer? Dating apps. This is the scenario that has caused dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, Aisle and many more to prosper and find relevance in people’s lives. But what is the success rate? While once in a while we come across people who have been lucky to find their prospective match on the apps, the dreadful experiences are not unheard of. Though the intention of the apps is to bring like-minded people together but the interaction and calling it a shot is up to the candidates themselves. The element of the human factor, which is at the core is also a factor that accounts for the downside of dating apps. Let us see how:

Disadvantages of dating apps

  • Two people might initiate some small talks initially and hit off chemistry. The first few days, they might talk about their hobbies, what they do for a living and so on but then they get caught in a loop. The initial spark wears off in a few days and they might not find the same spark when they meet the person in reality. 
  • Additionally, there is the element of lies. You see a completely different profile picture of a person in the app and then when you meet the person for real, you find out the picture was clicked three years back.
  • There may be hopeful candidates initiating conversations and waiting at the DMs for a response, but an introverted candidate might find the “paradox of choice” overwhelming and finally choose to take his high school sweetheart for a date.

So, should you lose all your hopes of finding your forever person? Absolutely not. You can approach a dating agency that can provide you with a list of genuine individuals fine-tuned with the qualities you are looking for. Handpicked as per your requirements, you can meet the prospect professionally before you choose to carry this forward. 

The option is not just limited to native Kiwis and people in their 20s and 30s. Even if you are in your 50s and are looking for prospective partners from cross-cultural backgrounds, it can be arranged. For instance, if you would like to meet single womens, it can be arranged. 


To the thousands of young individuals, if you are not finding luck with dating apps, just hold on some more before you give up on hope. Maybe all that you need to do, is to look at a different window. You might find the Sun shining there.

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