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We cater for Sydney local singles who genuinely look for a long term relationship. Our members are local residents of Sydney;  Our base contains:

Open minded Anglo Australians; local singles of Asian or European descents; migrants of all cultural backgrounds.

Singles who look to start a long term relationship or family.

Divorced or separated people who want to explore opportunities of a new life style.

Busy professionals who would like to shorten their search of finding a suitable partner.

Singles over 50s who are very active, attachment free and ready to share life again.

Singles who prefer a more reliable way of meeting than dating apps.

Singles seeking assistance for their online dating performance.

Our Matchmaking & Dating Services Sydney

Matchmaking Service / One to one introductions

Use this service if you want to date with intelligence and efficiency.

Highly personalized service. We typically spend 2 to 3 hours at our initial interview to get to know a new client; at your preference, we provide hands-on ongoing support throughout your process to help you avoid dating mistakes, minimize the number of “ frogs ” you kiss before meeting your “ prince or princess ”.

Our Dating Events

A light hearted way of social. If you want to make friends, brush social skills, getting back to singles scene. Our events tend to attract members over 40 years of age. Attendants are some members and their friends. It’s a happy and friendly group of professionals and self-employed singles. Since 1999, our events have connected many friends, companions and even married couples. In our events, our matchmaker will assist you. The overall vibe is extremely friendly and relaxed, allowing you to break the ice and get to know people with startling ease.

Over 50s Dating Events / Seniors Dating Agency & Introduction Services Sydney

Active seniors are also welcome to our events. Since 2004, we did place an effort on advertising for senior singles. As a result, we have developed a strong list of singles over 50 years of age. Lots of couples walked out of our service hand in hand as partners or companions. Our dinner events have seen many singles in this age range.  Whether you want to meet people one to one for coffee, or you would like to attend our tailored dinner events, its a good time to get involved. Ring Rose now to discuss a best options for you. Your new social life can be a phone call away: 0433 312514. or email:

Other Services

Cross Cultural Dating, Matchmaking Sydney & Relationship Consultation

Fancy a partner from another culture? We provide you with choice of candidates and insightful personalized tips which may be very essential if you have never dated someone who speaks a different mother tone from you.

Online Dating Help & Assistance in Sydney

As a matchmaker with 30 years practice, we provide hands-on personalized assistance for you with your online dating, starting from setting up a profile throughout your process of getting a successful candidates.

Australian Asian Singles in Sydney

We have a big clientele of Asian singles. They are Australian residents/citizens or Australian born, ages are from late 20s to 60s. Visit:

European Singles in Sydney
We also cater for Sydney singles who have European upbringing or first generation of migrants. Visit:

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