Is Your Perfect Partner for me?

If you answer yes to any of the following questions then our service is for you. And Rose will assist you to make the best decision in your situation:

  • You have been out and about there in the singles scene for sometime, getting tired of going into the big “pond” every weekend and coming out of it feeling empty. You are starting to wonder whether people these days are after anything more than a shallow fling or a one night stand. You much prefer staying home with someone who you can impress without putting on a show, or going out to enjoy exclusive quality time one-to-one and trying to impress each other not for the sake of getting a booking for the next dinner but to keep the flame high.
  • You have tried Internet dating and your experience made you suspicious of its reliability. You wonder if a more traditional approach would give you a more sincere feeling.
  • You are young, single and have been focused on studying and working – yet to explore the experience of dating by exposing yourself to a safe and reliable environment.
  • You are thinking of settling down. You have dated in the past and without problems meeting people, however you haven’t met people you feel are your perfect choice, or people who seem to be ready for a long stable relationship. You have tried Internet dating, but didn’t seem to have success.
  • You have been out of a relationship for sometime and have been dating, trying to get back to that cosy feeling again, however you haven’t had much luck meeting someone likeminded.
  • You have just finished a long term relationship, feel its hard to get back to the stage where you first started some years ago, need to know what people are like these days in the single’s scene and specifically what the opposite sex are looking for and what you can reasonably expect based on your personal goals.
  • Or you are still sad and hurt from the past, feeling terribly lonely but not in the mood for getting involved in a serious relationship. You want be with people and sociable, because sitting at home alone feels too suffocating. You need a friend who can talk with you and listen, maybe someone who has been through it and understands how you feel. I don’t mean you need counselling, you just need to be with people who are in the same boat or have been in the same boat before, to console each other.
  • You have many friends and contacts, no problems meeting people, you’re not short of people to go out with for dinners, drinks or movies and have often been out on dates. But somehow nothing has worked out yet. You would like to try a source of people which is outside your territory to see if it makes a difference.
  • You have many commitments in life, enough to keep you focused on your daily agenda. Busy as you are, it is just not like you to invest loads of time to swim in today’s singles ocean, changing hands with one after another before finding the right one. You prefer to go naturally as you carry on your life. It doesn’t mean that you will take anything that falls in front of you; you want quality and you understand it is not that easy to run across the right person and to choose a compatible person will make a big difference to your future. However you wonder if there is a more efficient way than leaving it to chance, life is short – you wake up one day and realise that it would be so nice to have someone by your side.
  • You are currently in a relationship which hasn’t been working, you have tried to get help but it doesn’t seem to be improving. You are frustrated and torn between the belief in “for better or for worse” and the desire to free yourself and reach for the peace and intimacy which has been missing.
  • You are currently in a relationship and you are not sure whether to take it to the next step, you want the proof that you are with the right person to make that serious decision; you want to prove that what you have got is so special that it cannot be replaced.
  • You are fascinated by some different cultures, and would like to explore the possibility of establishing a relationship with someone from one of those cultures.
  • You have had unsuccessful relationships in the past or bad experiences with your own cultural upbringing and would like to explore the experience of other cultures.
  • You were born in another cultural background or born in a family with an ethnic upbringing. You would prefer establish a relationship with someone of that same culture.
  • You had cross-cultural relationships in the past and unfortunately they failed. You are beginning to wonder whether you need to go back to your own cultural environment.
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