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Why personalised matchmaking will always be better than online dating

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Online dating has become insanely popular in the recent months. On the outside, online dating seems like the most convenient way to find a date. On the inside, however, the case is quite different. Only looking at the number of people enrolled on these websites will help you realise that the probability of running into the right person is minuscule.

The internet is full of success relationship stories of couples that met online. What everyone forgets to mention is that this kind of couple is one of the few isolated cases, out of billions, that have come into the limelight. There are a number of reasons that make matchmaking the preferable choice if you are looking for a serious relationship:

Overcoming the age barrier

As one grows older, it becomes difficult to find someone that would understand your way of life, needs, and temperaments. While dating applications may offer age filters, and many other similar preference settings, only a human can judge a person on vague grounds such as temperament.

For instance, a matchmaker at a senior dating agency will have the expertise, along with an intuition that comes from experience to understand the compatibility between two people. Living habits and temperaments might be vague grounds, but they are critical to the compatibility between two people.


The information present on online dating applications and websites is hardly verifiable. As a result, a lot of people lie on their profiles. Moreover, putting out your own information in such an environment might bring about unwanted attention.

With private matchmaking, you are always sure that your information remains confidential, and is only revealed to someone with your approval.


Apart from the above-mentioned advantages, matchmaking services also offer targeted search, and a sophisticated screening process that ensures you are only introduced to the right suitors.

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