What Asian Women Need to Know While Seeking a Western Partner

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What Asian women need to know while dating Caucasian men?
– Following tips apply when you date anyone in general, however more so when you date a partner who comes from a different upbringing

Identify your goal –

Are you looking for a serious relationship for life or just having some experience with men from a different race?

At our service we would like to deal with people who are seeking a life partner. If that is your goal, we can help you

Join a dating agency is to increase your opportunity of meeting a right partner.

A professional matchmaker is able to assist you to understand cultural differences between your culture and his culture, therefore to find out whether a man is genuinely interested in spending life with you. You can avoid wasting time.

Some questions you need to ask while dating him:

Does he respect you as a person? Does he like you as a person or does he like you because you are Asian? If he likes you because you are Asian, is he interested in knowing your culture or shows respect to it?

Does he make decisions with consideration of your opinion?

Does he introduce you to his friends circle or family? Does he show affection towards you in front of his friends and family?

Go for a coffee for the first meeting. The conversation should be friendly and light hearted. Don’t ask personal questions such as money, assets, past relationships. His past is not your business. Talk about future.

Make friends with each other. A good relationship must be based on a good friendship. Become best friends before you become lovers. Never rush into a sexual relationship before you know each other well enough mentally, emotionally. Many dating books advise that you must wait till at the least 8 dates. This is even more important if you are very strongly attracted to him at your first meeting. Learn to say NO when you feel like that. No hasty decisions to get married, even if you are in your 30s and feel the clock is ticking.

Remember: Things come quickly, go quickly. Divorce is very damaging and it affects you in life. If you marry someone whom you didn’t know well, you may regret deeply in the future.

Stick to the traditional belief “ Marriage is forever ”. Getting to know your new partner, build your relationship slowly but surely. This will enable your marriage in the future is healthy and can survive ups and downs.

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