Why Asian singles prefer dating through a personalized matchmaker to online dating sites.

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Why Asian singles prefer dating through a personalized matchmaker to online dating sites.

Take the myth away about an Asian introduction agency

Asian dating is one of the specialties of Your Perfect Partner. We help love seekers meet Asian singles in Sydney. If you are seeking to meet and date Asian women or men, do check out our matchmaking service for Asian singles.
As an introduction agency, Your Perfect Partner’s database is built on decades of contacts since the establishment of the original Perfect Partners back in 1980.

Currently, over 50% of our clientele are Asian singles. This is despite no special effort in marketing to the Asian community.
Does that mean Australia is becoming an Asian country? Of course not.

But it does indicate that Asian singles in Australia exhibit a strong affinity towards using a personalized matchmaker service.

Matchmaking is more of an Asian culture than Australian or other Western culture

Traditionally, Asian people meet their marriage partner by a matchmaker or through arrangement by family and relatives. Arranged marriages, to this day, are still common in countries like India.

Asians date for the purpose of marriage. In Asian culture, a dating partner is a potential marriage partner. Whilst some Australian Asians who grew up in Australia may have adopted some Australian dating behavior eg, casual dating, the majority of Asians we come across still aim at marriage when seeking a partner. Asians generally consider relationship more than a romance while western people are more likely to accept a relationship as an experience. Asian singles prefer not to waste time in a relationship that doesn’t promise a long term future. This could be another reason that Asian singles prefer meeting a partner through a professional dating service. They prefer meeting someone whose personal details and intention has been screened and more visible.

Security is more critical to Asian women than that to a western women

Its all rooted from ” dating to get a marriage partner ”

Generally Asian women treat relationship much more seriously. They think about future from start. A Chinese girl once met a guy through ” Fast Impression ” speed dating in Sydney. He was 31, 6ft tall, athletic built, professional, full of fun. She was extremely happy with him. However, three months later he announced that he would not want to have kids in the future and suddenly broke up with her. She could not believe what she heard and went into 6 months depression.

Emotional safety is of high importance for most Asian women and that’s why they prefer using a personalized dating service to online dating sites.

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