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A third person service can speed up your process of success in dating.

I will tell some stories which show how these people failed or succeeded. The way they utilised our service made such difference in their dating results.

Dating is like a mirror that reflects the inner condition of a person, quickly shows the personal attitude, weakness and strength in the way of communication. Our past experience inevitably affects us in our approach to a new person in dating. Most people carry more or less a bit of baggage, which can stand in the way in our way of building a positive connection with each other.

Story one:

People are guarded these days – Many opportunities of a happy relationship could be destroyed by misunderstanding caused by our past experience or attitude.

As our service policy, clients give me feedback after their initial meeting so I shall follow up with necessary support and work. This can ensure both sides receive honest feedback, know where they stand, in order to move on smoothly to dating each other or decide to meet a new person.

David, a marketing professional met Naomi, an architect in early 2003.  Both were at their mid 30s with no family. I knew David before Naomi came to our service. I introduced her to David as I realised she could be very potential for him. I was eager to see the result. Naomi called me after their initial meeting telling me confidently that they were going to meet again. David did not call, however I thought if the girl was so sure, there must be no problems. One and half month passed, I called David to see how they were doing.  To my surprise, he said they only met once! I asked: why? Didn’t you like her? He answered: I liked her but I felt she was lukewarm so I never called again. It was too late for him to call her now after so many weeks gone by. She would have been cooled down or thinking he was coming back to her for the second best after roaming around for other options. In fact I did go to check with Noemi, she had decided to change job moving interstate.  This introduction failed after the initial meeting not because they did not like each other but because miscommunication.

If David followed the service policy to call me after their first meeting, I would have told him that her feedback was positive, and he would have no doubt in calling her to arrange second meeting. 

This situation happens very often in dating especially at initial stage. Many people are self guarded or conscious when meeting a stranger.  They tend to interpret body language negatively based on their past experience. Average Aussie men tend to ” play safe ” ” don’t want to be too forward at the beginning ” –  I hear these all the time from guys.

On the other hand, Naomi could have sent out a mixed message to David at their initial meeting. She liked him a lot, as a result, she felt shy to express her feelings. Her holding back made David feel she was lukewarm. She again was too shy and self conscious to give David a ring or give me a ring when she did not hear from him. A different girl in her position with different personality and personal dating experience could have given David a ring after initial meeting saying ” it was nice to meet you “. One short phone call or even a text message would have given David clear message that she was happy to meet him again.

Summary: David and Naomi could be a compatible couple. However the opportunity was lost due to the miscommunication.

I was very sad on this. I could have helped them better if at that time I had my knowledge now about people and their habit in dating.  After this experience, I would never let myself be in the dark once I put a couple together.  Since then I have had numerous stories showing that by keeping personal communication with my clients, we were able to removed blockage in their communication at initial stage of meeting. Many of those couples developed quickly into a happy long lasting relationship or marriage.

Cab you recall similar experience like that in your life?  Perhaps many opportunities have been wasted if you look back carefully.  This can happen more in blind dates such as online dating or meet people in singles crowds. However if you have a personal friend who is also friend with your dates, much of your time would have been saved. You would not have to read this by now because you would have been with  ” your perfect partner “!

And that is the benefit you can get when use our service.

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