Why a Perfect Partner is perfect for you?

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Why a Perfect Partner is perfect for you?

– Do you feel not happy because your partner is not perfect? Use our service to check out your current relationship, whether you are on the right track.

Everyone wants a perfect partner. Some find it easily, some search hard. Why? You may say, some people are lucky, some are not. In fact: YES and NO.

Perfection is an ideal, an expectation rather than based on real life. When it comes to relationship, some people have in mind what ” type ” of person they want. The assessment of perfection often starts from appearance. Most men would feel they have a perfect partner if they meet a woman who looks like El McPherson; most girls would feel they have a perfect partner if they meet a man who likes Brad Pitts. Couples who met each other with initial physical attraction from both side, often stay on and start a relationship. But that perfect attraction doesn’t mean a perfect relationship later on. It is a short lived perfection, and quickly can fade and die, which end up the relationship. Because: ” they do not get along. ”

There is no perfect partner by birth of a relationship. Love at first sight or strong attraction from beginning do not guarantee that you have found a perfect person or a perfect relationship. You need time to prove if it is perfect; you need endless effort to keep it perfect. Happily married couple are together because they are compatible with each other. They share similar values, morals, goals and life style. But they do argue, fights, disappointed with one another from time to time. What an outsider sees as a perfect marriage can involve an inside story of problems and pains. For years they stick to together, trying to tolerate the flaws and imperfections of each other. It is their effort that keeps their love alive. They did not find their dream partner from start; they worked out to be each other’s perfect partner.

Lucky couples are lucky because they choose to accept each other for what they are. Their good luck comes from their effort of learning about life and learning to understand that relationship contains joys and pains.

Perfection is a state of individual feeling and not to be compared. Often we hear people talking about someone else who has a perfect wife or husband, etc. They fail to remember that a partner is personal. You can not wear someone else’s shoe; what is perfect for A may not be perfect for B. People who aim at a partner like Brad Pitts or El McPherson, may have a long way to go towards their destiny. Someone else’s partner looks perfect. But it may not be the same putting you with her or him, because “What he or she loves is not you”.

Some people are less lucky searching for years for that perfect person.They have rigid criterion for their dream partner. Unfortunately over the years, life just doesn’t send them someone to their measurement. They are not lucky because they are not able to let go of their scheduled standards, or in other words, fantasy. We have a client who started using our service 11 years ago when he was at his early 30s, and now at mid 40s, is still single. In the early days he specified vey strict requirements for his potential partner, cultural background, physical appearance, age, etc. He has met many girls through our service and many other venues. Many girls I put him with were quite attractive with good personalities. However he had trouble to go beyond initial meeting as he put it: not attracted. Therefore he hardly had a long term dating partner in the past 11 years. He is a family man who regards marriage and kids as the most important. But he was very shy and in dealing with women, so often the girls he met did not feel comfortable with him, even though he is good looking. He is too focusing on looking for external perfection, and equally he failed to build himself with an attractive personality. He would have been married with a family by now if he had given himself chance to date those girls he met and discover their internal beauty which could turn out to be perfect later on. If he gave himself a go with those dates, he would have learned a great deal about women and about himself and how to deal with woman and starts a relationship. He has had many opportunities to practice and become a dream partner for many women. Now at mid 40, his chance to attract girls who match his initial criterion is even smaller than it was 11 years ago.

Many of his mates would have been married for 20 years with half dozen of kids. He is now going to face an unknown picture of a marriage with children.

Lucky or unlucky is an individual choice.

Using our service to check out  your current relationship. If you feel unlucky because you do not feel perfect with your partner. Come talk to me and find out whether you are on the right track.

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