Reasons people are not successful with online dating

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Why online dating is not working?

Compare success rate between online dating sites and a genuine personalized service like ours –

Online dating success rate is 0.3%.  Our service has a success rate of 70% for people looking for long term relationships.

Compare the accuracy of meeting a right person between online dating sites and our service –

Compared with our service, online dating sites have more number of people.  At our service, most clients met 3 to 6 people before stabilizing a relationship.  How are you doing with online dating?

Some reasons of not getting good results from online dating sites:

  • Poorly written profiles including wrongly selected photo images.
  • Pursue the candidates who are not interested or clearly not compatible or those whose profiles are misleading.
  • Unsorted personal issues, whether being yourself or the candidates you pursue.
  • Lack of dating skills, even if you may have been married for many years and now are back in the singles scene.
  • Fail to recognize the needs and wants of your candidates though you may be an expert in your profession.
  • Lack of understanding of cultural upbringing of your candidates, if you try to meet a partner from a different ethnic background.
  • The vast pool of dating sites can easily confuse a person who try to find THE PERFECT MATCH, because “ the next person may be nicer ” !

Our clients receive tips on all those area according to their personal circumstances.  They are open minded and intelligent to understand the smart way of using a third person service. Most importantly, everyone is looking for a lasting relationship.  They are like minded. Therefore there is NO waste of time.

We also provide assistance to help with your current online dating if you would like to improve your results.

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