Most Wanted from Online Dating Site – What is their problem?

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It is an interesting article published in the Sydney Morning Herald in July 2014. It talks about the online dating experience of a few Sydney singles.

These “most wanted” men and women; attractive, successful and having had plenty dates online, are still single. The point is that they don’t really enjoy endless dating with no results. Why can’t they find their perfect partner?

It makes me think of the “good old days” when people used to marry each other from within their neighborhood. They didn’t have massive number of singles to choose from. It worked effortlessly.

Yes. Times have changed.

Online dating gives you a huge number of options. For example, the RSVP dating site has over 2 million members with 1200 new members joining each day. It’s like an ocean of fish. Why with this huge number of options are those attractive people still having such difficulty in finding “the one”?

As you know, it is common knowledge in human psychology that too many choices confuse a person. You walk into a super market, facing a wall of shelves with numerous brands of similar products; it takes a long time to decide which one you want to pick up. This effect is magnified when making a high value decision such as choosing a partner.

You meet a person you like, but can’t shake the feeling that there might be someone better if you just try “one more date”. You end up repeating that behavior until you are mentally exhausted. By the time you are convinced that it is a trick of mind, you are not in your best mood or with your enthusiasm intact.

Therefore, more than likely you are no longer able to attract the people you really like. Not only does this mechanism affect you, it also damages, as a chain reaction, other people that you are meeting.

If you have a similar experience with the people described in the article, you may want to hear a new idea: “more is less; less is more.”

Our service has a much smaller pool of choices when compared with an online site such as RSVP. However I am glad to say that many of the successful couples who have met each other by using our service have never had to go through the trouble of multiple dating. I recall that quite a large number of them only met their first or second candidates before entering into a happy relationship. Those couples seem to be very stable and long lasting. I am very appreciative and proud of those members. They are lucky because they are wise.

After you read the article, you are welcome to discuss or share your views with me. If you would like to improve your online dating performance or would like to have alternative search venues, we are happy to share our views and stories. Rose 0433 312514

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