How to Use Our Functions

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How to use our functions

We are a dating service which operate in two ways to help people meet a partner: 

1) One to one introduction service.  2) Social functions

If you just want to visit our function with intention to meet someone compatible, you may find it useful to be informed:

Attend regularly.

We have 700 members who are eligible singles and sincerely looking for a partner. Each function only includes 30 to 60 people among them, 40% are guests like you. Our members only choose to come occasionally. To a large degree, each function you will meet different members. Some members never attend functions. Therefore, there is no guarantee that the right person for you is always there when you attend. You are taking chance to see who is there and then.

Approach everyone at the party

You have to make sure to be friendly, taking initiative, so you make contact with maximum number of people there.

You do not want to judge people by their appearance. Someone who is average in looking might have a heart of gold, a brilliant brain and a great sense of humour or even may be a very sexy lover; to say nothing about chance of discovering a rough diamond!

Feedback after the party

Most of our functions are organised with lots of effort trying to get like minded people together. I have information about most people you meet at the party.

Talk to me regarding someone who caught your eye in the evening. I have comprehensive profile on all our members. Most of our guests are friends of our members, whom I have information about or have access to find out about. I can save your time and trouble in approaching a wrong person or eliminate the situation that you are chasing someone who is not interested.

One to one introduction service

Another way and perhaps a more reliable way to meet a compatible person with least effort is to use our one to one intro service;  To serve you as our member,  we connect you with everyone from our list who is compatible with you, not just the ones who meet at our functions; we also continuously search for the potential person for you.  You meet people of your choice at one to one base. 95% of our successful couples met each other through this way. You can try if you would like to enlarge the number of new people you are able to meet. To do that, come to have a meeting with me in my office. Ring me: 0433 312514 / 0411 768636 anytime or at office: 02 92614266 -Rose

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