For Women at Your Initial Dating

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Relax and be yourself. Keep in mind, guys are equally nervous. no need to panic. YOU ARE MEETING A FRIEND.

Take initiative to return phone calls If you miss his initial phone call, call him back. It’s a common courtesy. If you think he needs to call again, again and again, because man should do all the chasing, you are not giving yourself opportunity to meet a nice and level headed guy who will treat you with respect in the future; If you are not really keen on meeting him, it will be more decent to just tell him straight than ignoring his calls. Ability to communicate and confront is an important first step that leads to your success.

Avoid Lengthy talk before first meeting. If you do so, you have big chance to be disappointed. Why? Imagination is a great attribute of human being. When you talk to him on the phone, you naturally draw an image of him which is based on his voice and your imagination. And that image can never be the same as he looks in person. Photo image will not be that accurate especially from those placed at online dating site.

Keep low key. Make sure the first date is short. Avoid cinema, big dinner and noisy bars or pubs; Never meet at a private home. You do not have to waste your time if you do not like each other. If you do like each other, you can spontaneously extend your meeting.

What to wear at the first date? Something that shows the quality of your personality that you want him to appreciate; smart casual and feminine usually can be safe and appealing. However a sexy outfit is not recommended unless you will not mind the experience: ” man always wants one thing! ” Remember what you are getting is a reflection of yourself.

Be light hearted. Following questions can be generally off putting: ” what is your plan in five year’s time “; ” Would you like to get married “; ” what are you looking for?” People especially men will feel interrogated by those questions because they are not there for an interview from a stranger. Plus, many people including you perhaps, do not know where they will be in five years time and they may not need to know that now. Unless you want to scare them off on the spot, try to avoid those topics.

After the first meeting-very essential if you like to meet him again, tell him; if you do not want to see him again, also tell him. Send him a simple text message to say thanks and hope to meet again. It won’t hurt you but will make sure you do not make a mistake of losing the opportunity. Women who are waiting for men to call are taking the risk of missing out a potential partner. I have come across many couples who were interested in each other, but missed out second meeting because the message from one side or both side was not clear. Many men these days tend to be laid back or cautious. They want to be sure that you are interested before making second contact. If your message is not positive, they would rather go for another person who shows interest.

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