Essential if you are looking for an interracial partner

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We are one of the leading introduction agencies based in Sydney’s CBD. We have over 30 year’s matchmaking practice.

Why should you use an experienced personal matchmaker in your search?

  • You would like your relationship to be long lasting. 
  • You want to be free of future headaches caused by conflicts between you and your partner.

To ensure a happy relationship with a compatible partner, the first and most important step is to CHOOSE A RIGHT PERSON.  That’s what our service will help you with.

You may have seen interracial couples who are happy together. And do you know they have gone through difficult times and worked hard to get where they are?

You may have dealt with many people who are from different cultural backgrounds in your work places or social environment; you get along well with them.  However, you may need to be aware that living a life with a partner who is from a different cultural upbringing can involve lots of more hard work.

Are you prepared to work through a difficult journey? Are you prepared to accept, tolerate, and face the fact when the flame of love has been consumed by arguments caused by different values and custom?

In our many years practice, we have connected lots of interracial couples for marriage or relationships. Majority of them have long term success. We are fortunate to be given feedbacks and information about their experiences.  We can share their stories with you so that your journey is easier and smoother.

We also come across many divorced people who came to our service after their interracial marriages failed.  We can show you how and why their relationship failed so that you can avoid making the same mistakes.

Life is short; a failed relationship can cost you valuable emotional energy and enthusiasm, damage your trust and confidence; sometimes, it may cost you opportunity of having a family.

Do not under-estimate the difficulties caused by cultural differences between cultures.

Let us assist you to realize your romantic dream by choosing a right partner!

Ring Rose now to arrange a friendly meeting. 0433 312514 / 02 92614266 or

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