Covid-19 Dating and Relationship Success

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While social distancing placed difficulty for singles to meet and date, some really good success actually happened in the past few months.
A couple I introduced last year got married at the peak of Covid-19 on 28th March 2020, And another couple just bought their wedding ring last week!
More exciting thing is that all 4 people ( I won’t use their real name for privacy reasons ) from this two
couples are in their 60s to 70s!

 The married couple met each other in Feb 2019; Stephen met his first wife from our service called Perfect Partners at that time in 1992. Unfortunately, his wife passed away a few years ago. Stephen picked up our phone number called and came to see me in February 2019. I put him with Lina as his first introduction. Now Lina is his second wife.

 The other couple Ron and Sophie only met each other in January 2020. I have known Ron for a number of years since he separated from his troublesome second marriage which left him in a devastating condition. Over the years he was trying to recover from the past. I met him occasionally at our social events and knew he wasn’t ready for a serious relationship. Last year I met him again at our 2019 Christmas party and cheerfully I recognized he was happy, confident and organized for a committed relationship. I then recommended a 68yo new lady from my list who had lost her husband a few years before. To my great joy, they liked each other instantly and started seeing each other. 74 years old Ron showered her with beautiful flowers, romantic dinners… they just bought wedding rings last week!

I have received an invitation to attend a wedding in September 2020 from a couple in their 40s and 50s. I remember I introduced them in 2011. They took 8 to 9 years to work on the relationship and finally made a lifelong decision. I am very happy for them knowing the hard journey they went through. As the old saying goes: good things come with effort.
Quite a few couples in their 40s to 70s who started seeing each other late last year or early this year are going steady including two men who had been single for many years.

Also, some young people are doing well during this virus period. At the least two girls at their early 30sstarted a serious relationship after being single for quite some years. I am most pleased to know that things go steady for them.

It seems “ social distancing “, instead of slowing down the opportunity of meeting people, has actually promoted the success of some singles. No wonder people say every good thing has its bad side; every bad thing can bring positive results. As people stay alone, working from home, isolated from crowds, they can better listen to their heart and understand what they want. Staying alone makes people recognize the value of a relationship. It indicates staying single can be a good pre-condition to feel motivated in wanting to be connected with another human being.

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