44yo Christian European lady ( code: 20495 )

170cm, slim built, with blonde hair and blue eyes; elegant and gentle; single with no kids; born in Australia to a Croatian family; professionally employed, stable and secure; has strong Christian values, family oriented; kind, warm, caring and loyal, a home maker, likes arts and crafts. Ready to meet a like-minded man view marriage in the future. Syd west.

35yo Aussie Chinese nurse (code: 31214)

165cm all, light olive skin, registered nurse, team leader; outgoing personality, warm and happy with a natural sense of humour; adventurous, bubbly and communicative; happy go lucky, big hearted, loyal and smart; very sincere about finding a partner; likes travel, fitness, beach, outdoors and home life. A down to earth girl who is capable and happy, ready to meet a compatible man view a long term relationship.

57yo Passionate Psychologist (code: 10373 )

Raised and educated in Australia with Latino background. Passionate by nature, well disciplined with high integrity; thoughtful, friendly, very young hearted, charming, playful, knows how to treat a woman; has an open mind, free spirited, forward thinking, non-conventional; articulate, communicative, has a sense of humour; romantic, has high emotional energy; values relationship and family; sophisticated, sociable; enjoys travel, dining, theatre, good conversations. Meet as a friend and see where it takes us!

55yo Aussie Lebanese Christian man ( code: 31251 )

Australian born, committed Christian church goer; 185cm, well built, handsome; Happy go lucky, affectionate, honest and sincere; serious about relationship and commitment. hard working and financially secure; Very active, lives a balanced life; believes in traditional values and mutual respect. Has failed the first marriage, however still has strong faith in building a happy relationship and grow old with someone he loves.

59yo American professional (code:31107)

Athletic scholar; corporate executive; vibrant artist; financially established, well-travelled, enriched by lots of personal achievement; very young hearted, with a soul above mediocrity; an irresistible creative thinker, artistic, has lots of intellectual energy as well as a goal for healthy life style; Passionate about music, jazz; fitness is a commitment, tennis, yoga, travel, Arts, reading, theatre, business ideas! Sydney is a preferred new home, would like to slow down, smell flowers, meet his soul mate, who may click with him through music as the connection.

59yo Medical Professional ( code: 30820 )

European background, well presented, looks 10 years younger; highly energetic and intelligent, a positive, warm person, self-motivated achiever; confident, out spoken, outgoing, active, open minded and adventurous; sophisticated, romantic, playful and affectionate; well-travelled, fun loving, and enjoys life. Has a lot of interests, would like to meet a man to share life with.

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