We have a strong base of Asian singles who are naturalized Australian residents or citizens or Australian born Asians. They are looking to meet singles with similar backgrounds or from other cultural backgrounds. We provide hands on ongoing support during the process to ensure quick and long term success.

Bellow are some sample profiles of our Asian members. To view more profiles with photos, visit our office at 102/127 York street, Sydney. Make an appointment now, call 0433 312514 or 92614266 ( Rose )

32yo Australian Chinese health professional.
As soft as breeze, as pure as water, she looks fresh and serene. Raised in Australia, she is a blend of eastern and western cultures. Underneath her gentle petite appearance, is a vibrant, determined mind; Independent and adventurous, she has tried lots of things in life; well learned, explored spiritually and mentally, she is a deep thinker, comfortable in her own skin; she values integrity and monogamy, would love to have a totally one-on-one committed relationship with a man who is mature and focused.

Female 27yo Australian born Chinese, business administrator, speaking English and Cantonese; uncomplicated, likes outdoors, home life, travel; Sydney inner west. ( code: 15102 )

Female 28yo Australian born Chinese, speaks English and Cantonese; business owner, well educated, smart and adventurous, attractive, uncomplicated, focused and family oriented. Sydney’s west. ( code: 30261)

Female 29yo Australian Vietnamese, accountant, smart and adventurous, well planned for future, successful investor, friendly and loyal, big hearted. ( Code: 31200 )

Female 32yo Chinese background; self employed beautician, independent, hard working, very feminine, kid and gentle. ( code: 30188 )

Female 33yo Malaysian Chinese, business analyst, English educated, traveled and worked in different countries. Very peaceful, pleasant personality, accepting and easygoing, go with flow with Buddhist mind-set. ( code: 22661 )

Female 34yo Japanese professional. Honest, friendly and gentle; very decent, balanced and responsible. you can count on her for a stable relationship. Sydney north-shore. ( code: 21754 )

Female 34yo Japanese, in Australia since 20yo, Administrator, sincere with a sense of humor; likes fitness, pets and home life. Northwest of Sydney. ( Code: 13380)

Female 35yo health professional. Chinese background, happy bubbly and cheerful, has a responsible professional job, busy and hard working but is making effort to find a Mr right. Sydney’s inner west. ( code: 31214 )

Female 35yo Thai background, very attractive, sweet and honest; hard working, enjoys life, active and caring. very easygoing with a right partner. Inner west of Syd( code: 31253 )

Female 36yo Chinese background, marketing professional, outgoing, friendly, positive and humorous; Sydney North Shore. ( code: 31209 )

Female 37yo finance professional Chinese background. Intelligent, driven, informed and adventurous; active, well traveled and independent. Sydney’s west. ( code: 69694 )

Female 37yo, Thai background, grew up in Northeast Thailand, hard working, independent, exotic, attractive, compassionate and adventurous. Sydney inner west. (code: 9021)

Female 37yo, Chinese background, finance professional, intelligent, positive, understanding and easygoing; Hills area. ( code: 30281)

Female 38yo, scientist, in Australia since 10yo, Speaks English and Cantonese; very polite and patient; likes Arts, travel, home life. Sydney’s Inner west.

Femail 40yo Indonesian, health professional, no kids, kind and gentle, well mannered and friendly, loves travel, very easygoing, peaceful, content. Sydney airport area.

Female 41yo Australian born Chinese, Pharmacist, speaks English and Cantonese; Christian church goer, gentle and family oriented; Sydney Inner west.

Female 43yo Vietnamese, medical admin officer; sincere, warm, friendly and honest; simple, natural and down to earth; very easygoing. Sydney’s west.

Female 46yo, Japanese single mum. Admin officer. Friendly and gentle, likes simple life style, honest and understanding. Sydney Parramatta area.

Female 48yo, business owner; in Australia since 20yo, speaks excellent English and Mandarin; highly intelligent, sophisticated and down to earth; Sydney’s west.

Female 48yo, banking professional, single with no kids, dedicated, hard working, laid back and easygoing; Sydney eastern suburb.

Female 49yo Japanese, in Australia since 1990, divorced with no kids, petite figure, very young and pretty; professionally employed, stable and self sufficient. Sydney eastern suburbs.

Female 51yo East Timor Chinese, in Aust. for 35 years. business owner, very attractive, warm, sincere, big hearted and self reliant. Family oriented and reliable. Sydney’s west.

Female 54yo Chinese, attractive, warm and generous, active, responsible, well traveled and established, enjoys life and self sufficient. Upper north shore.

Female 55yo, business owner, in Australia for over 25years; speaks Mandarin and English; kind, creative and open minded. Sydney Eastern suburbs.

Female 56yo, Chinese nurse, well educated, warm, caring, family oriented, enjoys peaceful life and quiet countryside, very understanding and easygoing. Sydney’s west.

Female 63yo HK Chinese, in Aust 30 years, semi-retired legal professsional, young and active, spiritual and self motivated; a thirsty learner, lives an active life. North shore area.

Male 27yo Chinese business owner. Sincere, mature, tall and presentable, financially stable, planned for future. Ready to settle down. Sydney’s west.

Male 28yo Australian born Asian. Web developer, enthusiastic thirsty learner, deep thinker, great communicator, ambitious, spiritual, charming and balanced. Sydney Hills area. ( code: 30363 )

Male 30yo Chinese finance accountant. Intelligent, relaxed with a sense of humor; active, patient,fun loving and communicative; confident, positive, very easy to get along with. Sydney’s inner west.

Male 31yo Solicitor, well educated, disciplined, ambitious, very honest and confident; gentle and patient with a pleasant personality. ( code: 20635 )

Male 32yo property business man, in Australia since 15yo; speaks Mandarin and English; tall, attractive, mature and respectful. Inner west of Sydney.

Male 37yo business owner, in Australia since 20yo; speaks Cantonese and English; hard working, stable and family oriented. Parramatta area.

Male 38yo graphic designer; in Australia for over 15years; speaks Mandarin and English; creative and patient; Sydney inner city.

Male 38yo financial adviser, successful, focused and balanced. highly responsible, very positive and confident; full of energy, active, generous and easy going. Hills area.

Male 42yo Australian born Chinese, IT professional, stable, loyal and easygoing; well planned and ready to get married and have a family. Sydney inner west. ( code 17259 )

Male 44yo, bachelor, Australian born Chinese; Real Estate business man, Speaks English and Cantonese; tall and young hearted; Sydney north shore.

Male 50yo Chinese scientific researcher, in Australia for over 20 years; speaks Mandarin and English; analytical and persistent; likes share market, reading. Sydney’s inner west.

Male 50yo Chinese tourist guide, masculine, happy go lucky and generous; hard working, highly energetic, self sufficient, easygoing and uncomplicated; well traveled with positive attitude;

Male 65yo Chinese, retired business owner; fit and energetic, active, communicative and humorous; lives a very healthy life style, into outdoors, nature, gardening and bush walking. Sydney airport area.

Male 66yo, retired artist, in Australia for over 25years; speaks Mandarin and Chinese; polite, refined; Sydney’s west.