Multicultural Cocktail Party at Chatswood

27th April, 2019

Saturday 27th April.
From 3.30pm to 6pm.
House party at Chatswood, inside Tasman Group, 418 Victoria Ave, opposite CBA, near Chatswood station.

Age 23-38. Friends are welcome. 36 people are allowed. Book early so we can ensure even number of male and females.
Dress code: smart casual or semi-formal.
Activities: just mingle and drink. We will provide snacks, soft drinks and some alcohol. Bring your favorite rinks if you like.
Cost: $10 for members and friends ( pay when you arrive ); $20 for non registered guests ( pay ahead, ask me for bank details, or with credit card for confirmation, pay when you arrive )

Tips: the party ends at 6pm. Then you may team up with new friends to go dinner or clubbing. There are plenty choices in Chatswood.

RSVP Rose: 0433 312514 or

  • Cost : see abpve
  • Drinks :see above
  • Dress code :see above
  • Parking :
  • Booking :

It is safe and easy! Call now to arrange a meeting with Rose: 02 92614266 / 04333 12514 or
Email to make an appointment:

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