Sunday, March 20, 2011 - 4:00 am

Dance / Dinner night, Saturday 19/03/2011
Canada Bay Club, 4 William street, Five Dock ( bring your id card for entry )
Come to dance only: Meet 7.30pm at auditorium upstairs. Band starts 8pm till 1am. (see below about the band ) You can come after dinner just for dance.
You can go there eat individually at the Club before dance starts. There is a very good Chinese restaurant upstairs and a bistro restaurant downstairs. Prices are reasonable. Suggest you go there around 6 if you want to eat there. Also parking will be easier.

Dinner with us: If you want to eat with us in the Chinese restaurant, let me know when you book, I shall reserve a seat for you. Order your own food or we share dishes ( average spending $20 per head). Meet me 6pm sharp upstairs in the Chinese restaurant.
Either way,  make sure to enter the dance room at 7.30 before band starts, so you can still talk to each other.

Note: all our functions require firm bookings to ensure even numbers of male and females.
ASAP: 0433 312514
Band info:  “ Boy Meets Girl “ – Rock style performance.
  • Cost : $20 per head
  • Drinks :
  • Dress code :Dress code is up to your decision, whatever suitable for dancing or watching.
  • Parking :
  • Booking :$10 for members on arrival;
    $25 for non members pay ahead by bank transfer or credit card; or confirm with credit card details, pay on arrival.
    Let me know as soon as possible so I can invite someone for you among our 700 member’s list. Do not book until you are sure you will come.

It is safe and easy! Call now to arrange a meeting with Rose: 02 92614266 / 04333 12514 or
Email to make an appointment:

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