Most of us carry issues more or less from past relationships or life experience. These can become obstacles in building a new potential relationship. In our service, thanks to many intelligent clients who gave me trust and faith, I have been able to assist them to resolve some of those issues by communicating openly and passing on other people’s wisdom and tips. Below are some emails from Andy and Joy who got married through our service:

Hi Rose

Hope you are well. Thought I’d update you. Joy and I have seen each other the last 3 nights as well as being together all last sun. Joy cooked for me on sun nite and it was great. I am enjoying Joy immensely and getting to know her. As per your suggestion, I threw caution to the wind and opened my heart to Joy and it has worked a treat. Thank you for your wisdom. Joy has also opened her heart to me as well. We are getting closer and closer.

So thank you Rose, it is going swimmingly with Joy! And Joy is so amazing. Not going too fast but just right speed I believe for somebody after a loss.

……… Joy and I probably talk about how great you are nearly every time we are together, and we thank and toast you for bringing us together ……………..

It’s going really well with Joy. We are very simpatico or in “synchronicity” as she calls it. And moving ahead in a nice steady way. I feel so appreciative I have met Joy. Thank you. I will send her your best wishes when I see her again tonight.


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