Hello Rose.

Something extra is needed by way of thankyou when I think of all the time and energy you gave so willingly to me Tuesday of last week. I will always remember that.

Here’s a little bit of verse I wrote


David S.

Thank You

Two simple words with so much to say
My mind wishes to linger and stay
When I reflect with sincere gratitude
On how generous is your attitude.

You gladly went that extra mile
Your actions graced with a winning smile
From within I know you care
Only too eager your soul to share.

How easily those words can be said
For sometimes an obligation needs to be shed
Half hearted they can be tossed around
Empty and hollow they can often sound.

But for you no such meaning would apply
Your abundance makes one almost feel shy!
Gracious and special was the time we spent
So for this reason this email is sent!

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