Some clients, even though did not walk out with a permanent partner, found it helpful by using our service. The following email is from a 27yo girl who dated a guy introduced by me and broke up a year later due to objections from his family. She came to catch up with me after breaking up:

Hey Rose, I very much enjoyed talking to you today, I feel that we see eye to eye on many issues and have a common interest in understanding different cultures. Also, I like to tell you that you have really helped me very much in my understanding of people and relationships because you have some deep insights about them.

I know that a lot of people feel very thankful to you because you have helped them find a partner, but i feel that this is unimportant compared to the insights you have given me by talking about people and relationships in a way that most people would not be capable of.

I am not sure if you consider yourself to be spiritual but i consider you as a person who is quite strong spiritually. I dont mean in a superficial or religious way, but in the way of a person who is able to see through the material fabric of the world to understand and work with the sublime/spiritual within. In this materialistically focused world this is quite unusual.

I am not able to explain myself very well but i hope yo know what i mean and I am just telling you this because i hope you realise what a great job you are doing. I am sorry for saying these things to you by email but it is likely that we will not get a chance to talk for quite a while and i have wanted to tell you these things since the first time we talked but didn’t know how.

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