Hi Rose,

I would be honored if you would use some of my feelings for Jenny in your publication.

We had a lovely time and I must say Jenny is very special to me the more we have time together the more it becomes a sense of real completeness and beauty.

Strange I have not been this way with a lady for many years and truly hope it continues.

We have no secrets and speak openly about all things the way it should be in a relationship and I must thank you for being the catalyst to have started this sojourn. Two people having found each other in a sense made in heaven yet waiting so long to find each other.


We had another great weekend together and grow closer to each other after each day together…………….

The only pain we experience is when we have say bye and part for a day or two although better things follow in the passage of time.

I have been taken to a higher level of being with Jenny and together make such magic through which we both see life in a different light which radiates in each other presence glowing brighter than any star in the sky.

I hope this continues and we can find a new meaningful life together at least that is my desire and goal in life.

I will try to pop in a say hi to you before the week is out,

Regards, Rodney

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