In our service, we provide ongoing support and assistance ti clients when they need it. Lily is the first person I introduced to Mark. They are happily married now. Below are some emails from both Mark and Lily during their dating:

Dear Rose

I need some help and advice from you.

Lily and I went out for dinner on Wednesday night and Saturday we went to the Art Gallery, then for lunch, then to the movies, then for dinner. We are going out for dinner again next Thursday but I miss her already. Next Sunday we will go for a long drive down the south coast.

I think she is an extremely wonderful, kind, caring and gentle person. I am very keen for her to learn all about me – all the good things and if there are any bad things for her to learn those as well so she can decide if she really does like the real me.

I meet many people through my job and I have some very good friends but I had not met anyone I wanted to care for and be with like Lily. When I came to you Rose I thought you would have to introduce me to many people before I found someone that I wanted to see more than once. But Lily is very special.

I just don’t know how quickly and strongly I should make my feelings known to her. Should I be very patient and just wait for her or should I tell her how much I care for her straight away?

Kind regards, Mark


This is a note from Lily:

Dear Rose,

I have been going well with Mark in the last few weeks. I did not know what kind of man I really want until I met Mark.

Thank you so much for the introduction.


Dear Rose

Actually I have been thinking of you all the time. I am very grateful for what you have helped me. I am much happier now than when I went to see you (about a year ago).

Yes Mark and I have been going well. And recently we have made a big decision to get engaged. We do not have any kind of ceremony, because Mark’s children are going to get married soon, we do not want to overdo ours.

Dear Rose, as you know in a new relationship there has been some ups and downs that’s why many times I intended to call you but thought I’d better wait for the situation getting clear.

It is a totally new life experience for me in terms of being so close with a real Aussie, even though I have lived here for 18 years. I will keep you informed. Again thank you thank you thank you.

best regards


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