38+ Single, Unattached? Be introduced to like minded single men or women by a best matchmaker

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Are you 38+, unattached? Would like to take life to the next stage and settle down?

Settle Down – Sounds daunting? Not really – you can answer me comfortably. You have been working hard, studying hard, or travelling hard and living your single life to the full; or you have had lots of relationships had a colorful personal life and enjoyed it. Now you would like to meet someone whom you can stay with for a long……. long time.

We are happy to hear from you if you are reading this message. Why? Because many of our clients are in the same shoe. Girls and guys are waiting to meet someone like you.

As an established dating agency with 30 years expertise, we can inform you that hundreds of singles in this category coming to our service for quick and reliable “ set up ”. Our clientele contains 40% singles like this.

Unlike many divorced people in this age group, who might be struggling to recover from the damage done by unsuccessful marriages in the past, our clients in this category are baggage free, mature, financially organized. They are ready to take their personal life to the next stage.  You do not have to meet dozens of people before coming across your perfect partner. Ring Rose now to make an appointment or have a friendly chat.  0433 312514 or email:rose@yourperfectpartner.com.au

Benefit of using our service verses online dating sites

  • Singles coming to our service are ready. A two hour initial interview is the first step to use our service. People who have things to hide won’t feel comfortable to face this personalized approach.
  • It’s easy and affordable. It takes average one to four introductions for most bachelor male clients in their late 30s or early 40s to find their final partner. It takes longer for most female clients. Compared wtih most other personal dating agencies, our fees are flexible and reasonable. As a traditional policy, female clients can use our service with very special membership fees.
  • Our relationship with clients is based on mutual trust and understanding. Most clients are open with us like friends. Therefore, the information about them is reliable. It will save you headache from online dating sites where people’s background and intentions are unknown.
  • We can help you with online dating. Apart from matchmaking service, we also provide online dating assistance if you are currently using RSVP or match.com etc. and would like to improve your results.
  • Use our service to grow your potential. We provide personal dating consultancy which gives you access to personal development. In the end, an elevated personal growth leads to guaranteed relationship success.

Adventure leads to changes in life!

Ring Rose now to make an appointment or have a friendly chat:

02 92614266 or 0433 312514

email: rose@yourperfectpartner.com.au

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