We have a strong base of Asian singles who are naturalized Australian residents or citizens or Australian born Asians. They are looking to date singles with similar backgrounds or someone with other cultural backgrounds. We provide hands on personalized consultation to our members during their dating process to ensure quick and long term success. Some sample profiles of our Asian members are:

32yo Australian Chinese health professional.
As soft as breeze, as pure as water, she looks fresh and serene. Raised in Australia, she is a blend of eastern and western cultures. Underneath her gentle petite appearance, is a vibrant, determined mind; Independent and adventurous, she has tried lots of things in life; well learned, explored spiritually and mentally, she is a deep thinker, comfortable in her own skin; she values integrity and monogamy, would love to have a totally one-on-one committed relationship with a man who is mature and focused.

Female 27yo Australian born Chinese, business administrator, speaking English and Cantonese; uncomplicated, likes outdoors, home life, travel; Sydney inner west.

Female 33yo, Thai background, came to Australia in her teens, professionally employed, exotic, attractive, compassionate and adventurous. Sydney inner west.

Female 31yo health professional, grew in Australia, speaks English and Mandarin; gentle feminine and grounded; likes healthy diet and outdoors; Sydney’s west.

Female 33yo Japanese, in Australia since 20yo, Administrator, speaks Japanese and English; sincere with a sense of humor; likes fitness, pets and home life. Northwest of Sydney

Female 38yo, scientist, in Australia since 10yo, Speaks English and Cantonese; very polite and patient; likes Arts, travel, home life. Sydney’s Inner west.

Female 41yo Australian born Chinese, Pharmacist, speaks English and Cantonese; Christian church goer, gentle and family oriented; Sydney Inner west.

Female 47yo, investor and business owner; in Australia since 10yo, speaks English and Cantonese; sophisticated and artistic; Sydney’s north shore.

Female 55yo, business owner, in Australia for over 25years; speaks Mandarin and English; kind, creative and open minded. Sydney Eastern suburbs.

Male 27yo Australian born Chinese; administrator, speaks English and Cantonese; honest and sincere; active, sporty; Inner west of Sydney.

Male 31yo business man, in Australia since 15yo; speaks Mandarin and English; tall, mature and respectful. Inner west of Sydney.

Male 37yo, business owner, in Australia since 20yo; speaks Cantonese and English; hard working, stable and family oriented. Parramatta area.

Male 38yo, graphic designer; in Australia for over 15years; speaks Mandarin and English; creative and patient; Sydney inner city.

Male 43yo, bachelor, Australian born Chinese; Real Estate business man, Speaks English and Cantonese; tall and young hearted; Sydney north shore.

Male 50yo, scientific researcher, in Australia for over 20 years; speaks Mandarin and English; analytical and persistent; likes share market, reading. Sydney’s inner west.

Male 66yo, retired artist, in Australia for over 25years; speaks Mandarin and Chinese; polite, refined; Sydney’s west.